Let us not point the finger unless we point to our own selves.

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” - Matthew 7:1-2

We all need saving. Thank you Jesus, for I have sinned.

Comedy is no excuse for blasphemy.

Don’t crush your dreams by holding on too tight. Let them grow, change, and liberate you.


Before I write this, I’d like to preface it. I have absolutely no problem with relationships. I have absolutely no problem with being happy with having a relationship. I have absolutely no problem with tumblr relationships. I think that, if led with an honest and pure passion for Christ and respect for one another, then relationships are great. So please do not think that I am trying to criticize relationships. I’m not. 

That being said, I think we need to be careful. Specifically as followers as Christ. I’ve noticed that on tumblr, people tend to go through seasons. Seasons of sadness, seasons of joy, seasons of loneliness, seasons of love, and many more. These seasons are very contagious. That can be a great thing, but it could also be very detrimental to a persons faith.

A persons blog is usually a reflection of their life. One person starts becoming consumed with the opposite sex, and it become addictive to the entire website. And now suddenly everyones talking about relationships like we’re entitled to have one. Like it’s God’s job to provide a significant other for us.

And it becomes idolatry.

Now you may say, “Our relationship/my pursuit for a relationship is rooted in the love of God and seeking to please him.”

What I say to that is, it’s easy to say it’s not idolatry when you’re seeking to serve God in a relationship.

Reality check: Seeking to be in a Godly relationship over seeking God is STILL idolatry.

It’s good to seek relationship. It’s good to love. It’s good to desire a husband or wife. But too much a good thing can very quickly become a bad thing. 

All this to say, if in a relationship or pursuing a relationship, we should be careful how much we post or what we post. Remember that this website and it’s content becomes contagious very quickly. Think about your brothers and sisters and how you want to be building them up. 

I don’t see any issue in being happy about your relationship or posting about it. But be careful that you do not become consumed by it. If your blog starts to look a little more like a fan page for a significant other than a reflection of the person Christ made you to be, with dignity, worth, and value, you may need to take a look at where you stand.

Julianne brings the truth here! We need to have mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical boundaries with everything in this life that isn’t Jesus Himself. Especially relationships! 
If you find honey, eat just enough— too much of it, and you will vomit.” - Proverbs 25:26


Oh God, forgive me, I have sinned
The shattering of my heart within
How long will I repent from repentance?
I keep pushing you away, making distance

I don’t want to live like this anymore
I want to wrap You in my arms
I don’t want to live like this much longer
In the end, I promise I’ll return

Wait outside for me, heat or rain
One day I’ll come back and end your pain
You’ve shown forgiveness, please just one more time?
I know you shouldn’t, please remember why you died

I don’t want to live like this anymore
I want to wrap You in my arms
I don’t want to live like this much longer
In the end, I promise I’ll return

Oh, please stop crying, I’m coming home
Oh, please stop crying, I’m coming home

I don’t want to live like this anymore
I want to wrap You in my arms
I don’t want to live like this much longer
In the end, I promise I’ll return

Driving Thorns

I drove my insanity
Like they drove the thorns in your skull
I pumped my fist
Right into your cheek

Watch me build my empire
You can’t stop me this time
Write on my wall, I will erase it
Send your prophets, I will bury them

Get your wings away from me!
I’m not your baby boy
I don’t need your saving
If I want to leave, you can’t stop me

How much longer will you wander?
Foxes have dens and birds have nests
So just pack your bags and go home
Crucify Him! Crucify Him!

I led you as a lamb to the slaughter
Silent you stood before me and the rest
I hate you with all of my heart
I’m my own god, you will die like the princes.

I pressed in my own ambition
Like they pressed the nails into your body
I spilled my heart out
Like you spilled your blood

But the waters rose, and the winds smashed
My kingdom crumbled to the ground
I drowned in my iniquities
I tied my shame as a cinder block

What have I done?
I wash these hands
These blood stains remain
I will not be forgiven

I killed the Son of the Most High
I brought Him to His grave
He said “follow me”
But I nailed Him to a cross

All this means nothing without You!
I tore my heart like you tore the curtain
Bring me into your very near presence
Wash the blood from my hands

I thought I could do this on my own
I don’t need an idol, I need you
You meant nothing to me, I said you never would
But everything changed, except you

I broke your heart like my promises
I carried my sin like the cross on your back
Atlas had nothing on me
Yet you held me in your hands

When I killed you, you brought me life
When my fist shook against you, you held my hand
While I was a sinner, you made me your friend
Everything changed, except you

A Grave in the Sea


An abyss gapes its mouth before me
Staring into the darkness, I am swallowed
The nothingness that I have found elsewhere
Memories flood my mind with the scars of long ago

I try to scream but this cannot be
Caught in the grasp of nothing
Apathy over takes my spirit
My heart dies in my hands

There is no sense of home
If I could find the ground
I would sink right through
My soul beyond six feet deep

Abandon was the shovel
Hopelessness my bedding
Words without a listener
Were the flowers on my grave

I sink to the bottom
An anchor in an unmerciful sea
I rest in the sand among the starfish
The ocean floor my new home

A hand shoots through the depths
Grabs the hairs on the back of my neck
Dragged onto aimless driftwood
I awaken, staring at my half-buried coffin

My heart died alone, I buried it myself
In this cemetery called pain and tragedy
I should break open my own grave
But it is easy to take the easy way out

“This will be different, I promise”
I turn, nothing but a shovel remains
I dig, discovering truth about myself
Finding hope beyond my world

Tearing open my own coffin
I beat this passionless flesh
It will not breathe or move
My heart is forever gone

“I make all things new.”
I turn, only He remains
My heart in His hands
Those wounded hands

My soul breathes life again
Scars washed from my body
By the blood of the sacrificial lamb
The Savior of the dead

We are just as much the problem as the man behind bars
What he did with his fists, we did with our hearts.

Haven’t you felt the love of Christ? Haven’t you found Jehovah’s love?

I’m a mountain that has been moved.

Woe to those who vow to do more for God, but do less.