Hollow Actions.

We often understand and relate to the expression of hollow words. They are meaningless words that enter the air and float away; they have no weight to them. But how how much less do we acknowledge the existence of hollow actions?

You see, everyone has a purpose. We all have a choice to impact this world, but often we make ourselves busy with things that don’t matter. In the end, we feel like we wasted another day. We all understand what this emptiness feels like. So do something about it! Get up, make a plan, and make a difference. Let your actions be full of life instead of hollowness!

When people say your name, I hope it will carry weight. I hope your name will remind people of what you have done for them and what you are all about. I hope that stranger will remember the time when you helped her with her shopping. I hope your sibling will remember that you stayed up with them when they were crying. I hope all the people you have ever come across will remember the good that you did to them.

Just remember: Making someone’s life easier is not easy. If you want to make a difference, even if no one is watching, it will demand sacrifice. But when you know you are doing what is right, that’s when you will stop feeling empty inside. So get out of complacency! Make something of yourself for someone else.

With Love,

Samuel Assaf

This world will remember me for all that I’ve done, and all that I’ll be.

I won’t leave without a trace. I won’t be erased.