Hollow Actions.

We often understand and relate to the expression of hollow words. They are meaningless words that enter the air and float away; they have no weight to them. But how how much less do we acknowledge the existence of hollow actions?

You see, everyone has a purpose. We all have a choice to impact this world, but often we make ourselves busy with things that don’t matter. In the end, we feel like we wasted another day. We all understand what this emptiness feels like. So do something about it! Get up, make a plan, and make a difference. Let your actions be full of life instead of hollowness!

When people say your name, I hope it will carry weight. I hope your name will remind people of what you have done for them and what you are all about. I hope that stranger will remember the time when you helped her with her shopping. I hope your sibling will remember that you stayed up with them when they were crying. I hope all the people you have ever come across will remember the good that you did to them.

Just remember: Making someone’s life easier is not easy. If you want to make a difference, even if no one is watching, it will demand sacrifice. But when you know you are doing what is right, that’s when you will stop feeling empty inside. So get out of complacency! Make something of yourself for someone else.

With Love,

Samuel Assaf

People want the truth but they never want the scars.

We keep our confessions long, but when we pray we keep it short.

I don’t understand why people use “Freedom in Christ” to justify their border-line sinful decisions.

 Instead of trying to get away with things like swearing, insulting, or putting people down, how about you try following Christ instead?

Yeah, I said it. Perhaps following Jesus isn’t just about living morally good lives. It’s more than that. Following Christ means being an example to everyone else. It’s being His ambassador. You make a very poor representative of the King of Heaven if you care more about your “freedom” instead of living a life to lead Christians and non-Christians. You’re supposed to be an example. 

Now, I’m not saying we are not to practice our freedom, but justifying your actions with “There are worse things in the world” and “Jesus ate and drank with sinners” is no excuse for your actions. You know what? Go eat and drink with sinners, except act like Jesus. How about that? There you go, there is no excuse left for you. Better yet, imagine you’re hanging out with Jesus. Eat and drink around Him, and see how differently you act. 

You’re not called to be comfortable, complacent, or lazy. You’re called to be outstanding, exemplary, and Christ-like. 

Be worthy of imitation. Follow Christ.

Samuel Assaf 

Don’t follow the mass into the endless grave.

I want to live a life where people don’t remember me, but remember only the good name of Jesus Christ.

"‎”Many hours are spent with men, how many with your Maker?”"

— – Charles Spurgeon

Lead fearlessly.

It’s staggering to realize that we always pray for God to take some sort of action in our lives, but we never pray to know Him better.

Whether it’s praying for discernment, healing, wisdom, courage, happiness, friendship, comfort, or anything else, it’s not what we should only pray for.

We should pray for those things, but more often than that, we should be simply praying to know God with a passion. We need to passionately love our God. We need to passionately pursue our God. 

How can we do that if we’re too busy focused on our needs? 

Out of curiosity, how many of you believe that it is God’s will for every Christian to be financially rich?

I do not hold this position, I am just interested in the Christian society.

1 Timothy 6:3-10 is my position. 

If you subtly live for Jesus, the world will only subtly notice.

Wash away what they think of you and press on.

Your imperfect path is a heart made of glass, and the world is a charming grenade.